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Joan has been teaching classes in shaped-resist dyeing since 1989.  ​Since then she has taught widely in the US, Canada, and Europe.  After her fellowship at Ballinglen Arts Foundation in 2019 she taught a class in the foundation's newly constructed classroom area.  The class planned for summer 2021 has been moved to 2022.


Stitched-Resist Dyeing with Plant Dye Extracts:

an ecological conjunction of intention and chance

30 June- 8 July, 2022


​This 7-day workshop-- open to “slow” textile lovers, artists, stitchers, dyers and makers at all levels of experience—will focus on methods of mark making on cloth through the process of hand stitching and binding. This process, referred to as “shaped-resist dyeing” (also called shibori) is one of the oldest known ways of patterning cloth. Shaping cloth by hand stitching, and then holding it in shape by binding while it’s being dyed, produces a limitless array of organic and mysterious markings that are informed by intention and effort, and by the dynamics of the unseen world of the dye pot. By learning basic techniques and creating small samples on natural fiber fabrics, we open ourselves to seeing that this traditional process continues to inspire new ways to generate patterns on cloth. Being in the exquisite natural environment of North County Mayo, Ireland underscores our thinking about the environmental impact of our actions in our studio practices. The class will focus on dyeing our bound textile samples with plant dye extracts* which are organically and sustainably produced. Mordanting methods, which allow plant dye extracts to permanently bond with textile fibers, will be taught. An indigo vat will be on hand. Having had a fellowship at BAF in 2017 and leading a workshop in 2019, Joan knows the importance of taking in the inspiring rural and coastal landscape of the Ballycastle area.  We’ll make sure you get to visit some of the extraordinary natural wonders of the area to feed creativity and inspire mark making.


*we’ll also use two insect dye extracts.

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